GoogleEI Program to support top educator around the globe

GoogleEI Program to support top educator around the globe

GoogleEI program allows you to become a certified innovator who is looking to grow professionally. This program is for them who advocate for innovative technologies and drive school transformation. This program is very powerful and it allows the people who are using technology to solve meaningful challenges in education.

The innovation academy in google is focused on helping new people to design, define and to launch a transformative project. You can join the academy and grow your leadership skills through development and learning.

How can you join GoogleEI?

GoogleEI is looking for innovative and passionate teachers or leaders who are already certified for GoogleEI level 2 and those who are enthusiastic to solve challenges.

Steps included are:

  • Find a three-day academy in your region that you are able to attend if accepted
  • Take the advanced course and pass the GoogleEI Certified Level 2 exam
  • Identify a challenge in your classroom or school you’d like to try to solve.
  • Apply before the respective deadline for the academy you hope to attend

Step 3 includes interviewing a few students or teachers affected by the challenge, and film a 60 seconds video about that challenge and why you want to solve it. Here are example videos. Take a look at this video for an example.

What will you get to create?

You might be wondering what you will get to create? You will need to take your initial interviews about the challenge at your school or district with your challenge video and bring it to the GoogleEI certified Academy. At the Academy, you will have to work with a small team and a coach from the innovator community. The coach will support you before, during, and after the Academy.

You will experience hands-on design thinking sprints. Work through ideation and brainstorming, prototyping, validating and testing your idea, and eventually launch your project. You will be paired with a mentor from the Innovator community and work for a year to iterate and get support to make your solution come alive!

Here are the innovation academy agenda

  • Team bonding and networking – Day 1
  • Inspirational sparks from Googlers and Innovators and design sprints for ideation and prototyping, advocacy opportunities – Day 2
  • Inspirational sparks from Googlers and Innovators and design sprints for validation and launching, graduation – Day 3

When you can join GoogleEI?

LocationAcademy DatesApplication Deadline
Sydney, Australia
(English language only)
May 1 – 3 2019March 1
London, United Kingdom
(English language only)
July 10 – 12 2019April 26
Tokyo, Japan
(Japanese language only)
August 7 – 9 2019May 31
(English language only)
September 11 – 13 2019 July 5
New York, United States
(English language only)
October 2 – 4 2019August 2
Stockholm, Sweden
(English language only)
November 6 – 8 2019September 6
São Paulo, Brazil
(Portuguese language only)
December 5 – 7 2019September 27

Update: Some of them are already over but not all. You can still join the program and show your solution to the world. Grow your leadership skill and change the way of teaching.

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