iOS 11 Update Day Release Time In Your Place [Full List]

Here you can check the download release timing for iOS 11 at your place. We have attached and worldwide chart having local region time.

The release date of the iOS 11 is on 19 September and it is going to be the sensational changes for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Apple’s new iOS update gives your iPhone or iPad a fresh look, even if you are not plannigng to upgrade to iPhone X or iPhone 8. It feels new thanks to several iOS 11 features.

You could’ve gotten it on June as developers enrolled in Apple’s developer program can download/update iOS 11 beta, which came out in June.

This update/download will be available from tomorrow with it bringing a large improvements to the previous iPhone and iPad.

It like likely to bring updates on  Apple Pay, Apple Maps and Siri. User will be able to send money via messenger using a single tap on home button.

There is a brand new control center with all new shortcuts and it also includes do not disturb feature which allow all the disturbance away from you.

The major change in iOS 11 comes to owners of Apple’s iPad though.

The iPad now gets a dock to store all your favorite apps and features improved multitasking. Which can be easily accessible right away from your home screen.

New features like drag and drop will allow you to move file from one folder to another folder easily.

Check out the release time from the chart attached below and prepare yourself for the new version of the iOS 11 which will change the way of using iPhone or iPad. This is going to be a sensation and you need to be ready for it.

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