7 Reasons Why Short Girls Are The Luckiest

Most of the Short girls wish to be tall. They always think about their height and get sad. But, they don’t know that there are many benefits of being short as well. Many boys prefer short girls. Even I like short girls. I find them cute and its good and easy to play with them as well. 😛

Here are the seven reasons why short girls are the luckiest one.

1. They are just like a cat

Boys usually love to pick their girl. They love even more when they can actually pick them up and move anywhere. Its so adorable when they do that.

 2. They get the privilage

Don’t you think so? Whenever we take group picture short girls gets the more privilege to stand in front of everybody and they are the one who is most highlighted among other in the group.

3. They can where high heals anytime anywhere.

No necessarily but yeah they can wear high heels anytime anywhere and still they don’t have to explain that. I have seen many short girls wearing high heals all the time.

4. They look younger than their age.

Absolutely true, short girls are the one who stays younger forever. Tall girls may have to worry about getting aged soon but don’t you worry if you are short you have long way to go to get old.

5. They can shop in kids section as well.

Hahaha!!!  This is the funniest part of being short girl. They can find their cloths on kids shop as well. Never seen any girl buying cloths for themselves in kids shop though.

6. They can date a tall or short guy.

When you are tall then it is likely that girls want to date taller guy than her. Not in the case of short girls they can go for any height.

7. They are cute and adorable.

Last but not the lease all the short girls are totally adorable and they look very cute. From my experience they are the most fun loving girls.

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