Ahead Of Latest iPhone X Launch Apple Suffers Major Leak

Few leaks told that the upcoming iPhone will be named as iPhone X and Wall-Street analysts predict that it will drive the sales of the Apple and also propel it to become the first trillion$ strong publicly traded tech giant.

As we mentioned earlier in the post the code refers to an iPhone X in addition to two new iPhone  which is iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. It also details facial recognition technology that acts both as an Identity system and maps user’s expressions onto emojis.

Game developer Steve Troughton-Smith from had found references in the iOS 11 GM log that the next handheld gadget coming out of Cupertino would be the iPhone X.

The 5.8 inch display is expected to be high-definition and the phone will reportedly feature 3D tech that will recognize when a user is looking at the screen or not and adjust the brightness settings accordingly.


The iPhone X will be launched at the same time as the  new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which are believed to be new versions of the 7 models and marks 10 years since the first iPhone was released on 2007.

There were also many rumors that iPhone X is to be a special model like the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5C.

The iOS 11 GM also tells that the look of the new iPhone to be unveiled tomorrow will be radically different from any of the previous iPhones.

One company watcher said that the scale of the leak means Tomorrow’s launch had lost some of its features to surprise.

“There will be an unbelievable effort within Apple to determine how this happened and I don’t envy the person that did it because there will be no forgiveness for it,” commented Ben Wood from the tech consultancy CCS Insight.”

But he also mentioned that it was unlikely to affect sales or interest in the new iPhones.

“For other companies this might have huge impact on the effectiveness of their grand official launches, but for Apple there is such insatiable demand for even the smallest details and such an obsessive fan-following of its products that even a very detailed leak will do little to dampen the enthusiasm of bloggers and others to report its news,” he said.




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