Pre-Order for 24K Gold Plated And 18K Solid Gold iPhone 8 Is Available Now

The iPhone 8/ iPhone X will be truly costly,we don’t doubt it, and it doesn’t even matter if the $1,200 price estimate is accurate or not because either way, paying around $1,000 for a iPhone is thing that many people can’t do.

It is rumored that the Apple will start its pre-order of iPhone 8 on September 15. While we are debating on which all colors will be available for upcoming iPhone 8/ iPhone X.  London’s Goldgenie has already started its pre-order for gold iPhone 8 already.

Who will have gold colored iPhone 8 when there is a actual gold plated iPhone 8. Rumors have Apple reducing its color options to just silver ,black and gold.

Goldgenie company is also operating in Dubai and company promises the delivery of 24K Gold Plated And 18K Solid Gold iPhone 8.

They have also provided the option for diamond encrusted accents.If you don’t like gold plated, then you can also opt for the real deal by choosing Goldgenie’s solid 18k gold version. In addition, the company is also started orders for the iPhone 7S, although we can’t be sure the phone will be real until Apple announces it.

There are rumors that the standard iPhone will cost over $999 for 64GB model. The gold versions will be available for £2597 while those wanting to go the diamond encrusted can expect to pay over £3597. Goldgenie will accept your orders for a 50% deposit, so they are at least being reasonable about things!

You can order this gold iPhone 8 by yourself on Here is what they are providing with this cost.

  • Luxury Cherry Oak Finish Box
  • iPhone 8 Elite
  • Dimensions 4.7″: 138.1mm x 67mm
  • Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic
  • Lightning to USB Cable
  • 5W USB Power Adapter
  • Documentation
  • Total Armour Protection installed by master craftsmen at Goldgenie

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