Remote Play For PlayStation 4 On iPhone And iPad

If you have always wished to play your PS4 on iPhone or iPad then, let me tell you that it is possible now.

Remote Play on the PlayStation4 is a latest feature on iOS that lets you play your PlayStation4 from iOS device. And it works over the internet too, so technically you could be traveling on the other side of the world and playing your PlayStation4 remotely from your iPhone or iPad.

Just like the official Remote Play app on Windows or Mac, Remote-Play lets iOS device owners play PlayStation4 games remotely on their devices provided they have the correct equipment, such as a PlayStation4 connected to router via LAN cable and an iOS device connected to WiFi on a 5GHz network. There’s ability to connect to R-Play via web too instead of LAN.

What you need to know

Before, Sony officially only used to support a subset of clients: PC, MacOS, the PS Vita, and a couple of specific Android phones, including from its Xperia brand. Unofficial clients added wide Android support as well as Windows support. This will work only for the people who previously owns PS4. Before you start how to play PS4 on iPhone and iPad devices you need to know these.

  1. You need to have PS4 in order to play this.
  2.  You need to have iOS device(iPhone or iPad)!
  3.  Your PS4 needs to be connected to the internet via Ethernet. But necessary for the best experience and no lags.
  4.  A Mfi controller is optional. You get on display controls, but it’s a lot easier with a controller. There are loads of Mfi controller in the market in all ranges of price.
  5.  Static IP address from your ISP if you want to play your games when you’re not in home.

You can download this app right away from the app store which will cost you $9.99.

R-Play – Remote Play for the PS4 – Download

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