Screen Sharing by TeamViewer For iOS 11 For The First Time


Next month when new iOS comes out there will be lots of new feature in it. One of the important factor on iOS is screen sharing. TeamViewer is one of the provider for screen sharing.

With the release of iOS 11, TeamViewer is the first official provider for any iOS screen sharing in the world. It is important for the customer to support remote sharing on iOS devices. Till now it is only possible to send the screenshot remotely. As a result, TViewer has published that screen sharing will be coming to its iOS device.

The app will allow people who require to share their iPhone or iPad’s screen with the all those tasked with fixing their problems, something that can only make it easier and quicker for those issues to be resolved.

Why iOS screen sharing is needed?

This won’t allow user to control full screen, but it will still be handy for those who are supporting remotely or troubleshooting remotely. Customers with issues can share the screen of an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with a support technician, who can then see what’s going to and provide tips on how to resolve the problem.

The new screen sharing feature will be free, with users allowed to test it out till October 31, according to TeamViewer official page. There has not yet been any confirmation what will happen come November 1st, but there might be a fee associated with this.

Stay tuned with us for more update about iOS and iPhone which is predicted to be announce by September 12. We will be posting all the updates.

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