Starting Price For iPhone 8 Is Set To Be $999 for 64GB

iPhone 8 price is set to start with $999 for 64GB memory base model according to the report.

Multiple analyst have suggested the upcoming iPhone could be the most expensive that Apple than any previous iPhones, with several suggestion calling it as a premium device pricing upwards of $999. A report indicates Apple’s OLED iPhone may in fact start at a fraction below that figure, while not exactly contradicting these prediction.

Apple is not willing to release a 32GB  iPhone 8 version, which is the current minimum size for the iPhone 7. The iPhone 8 is likely to start at 64GB storage, a storage not available for the iPhone 7.

Recent updates have pegged the iPhone 8 as having a massive storage heap which may be part of the reason for the price getting up, even the new screen and chassis that is being employed for the 1st time. If the rumors of a 64GB, 256GB and 512GB iPhone 8 are true then those looking for the large storage will need a little down before reading this. A price of $999 for the iPhone 8 64GB tells that those getting the most expensive iPhone 8 will have to pay over approximately $1,199.

Right now, the most expensive iPhone sells is the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus for $969, where the iPhone 7 base model comes in a price of $649. It’s likely that the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will not increase the price.

How much are you planning to pay for the new iPhone 8? What do you think of these rumored price points? Comment down below your thoughts and stay tuned with us for more updates on iPhone 8

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